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Glock Model 17 Gen 5


S & W Shield 9mm

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SigSuer P238


Glock Model 19 Gen 4

USA Training Academy proudly offers a large selection of firearms for sale in the area. Our catalog features a variety new pistols as well as accessories and ammunition to meet any shooters needs. It doesn't end there! USA Training Academy offers NRA Basic Shooter Courses where safety training is #1. 

Handguns are a personal choice, and what feels good to one person may not appeal to another. At USA Training Academy we carry a variety of NEW and Pre-Owned handguns to choose from. Several basic rules apply when choosing you’re concealed carry firearm. For instance, the heavier and bulkier a gun is the more trouble it is to carry all the time and the harder it is to conceal. Unfortunately, it is also true that the lighter a gun is, the harder it recoils (with any particular load). These facts are frequently not mentioned because sometimes too much emphasis is placed on “stopping power”.

The USA Training Academy team will take the time to help you make the right decision for your personal needs. We carry all the major manufacturers and calibers, so choosing the correct concealed carry weapon to fit your life style will be easy and convenient. Whether you are looking for a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol, USA Training Academy has you covered. We also carry a full line of concealment holsters to fit any of your needs.